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Saxophone Institute


U-M Faculty Director: Professor Donald Sinta



The‚ÄČ Saxophone Institute will emphasize daily skill development.  Students will meet as a group for all instruction and the daily routine will include specific work in the following performance areas:


  • Intonation
  • Articulation
  • Vibrato
  • Technical facility
  • Altissimo
  • Expression
  • Musical Style
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Repertory
  • Jazz Style

The routine should result in noticeable improvement by the Institute's end and serve the student throughout the ensuing year.  Students will work hard as well as have fun in pursuing shared goals.  Saxophone Institute students may join with participants in other MPulse sessions for classes in theory/musicianship.

NOTE:  Since all instruction will be on alto saxophone, applicants MUST audition on alto saxophone.

"MPulse was truly the best two weeks of my life. The instruction was incredible, and the people were friendly and respectful."

(Jeran, Saxophone 201,MI)



Returning 2013sax2



Since all instruction will be on alto saxohone, applicants MUST audition on alto saxophone.  Submit a 3-5 minute long CD recorded audition of one or more pieces, with or without accompaniment (for example, a piece performed at Solo and Ensemble Festival, an etude, or an excerpt from something being played at school).  The selection(s) should demonstrate both technical and lyrical skills.  Label your CD and its jacket/case with your name, instrument, title and composer of your piece, and the session to which you are applying.


You may have one of your current music teachers (school teacher or private teacher) assess your work in a letter of recommendation. In addition to your musical abilities, the letter may discuss your personal characteristics such as initiative, dependability, and your commitment to increasing your musical skills.  The letter should be included with your application in a sealed envelope (with the teacher's signature across the back seal).  This letter must  be submitted with your application. 



The General Information link includes many important items.  Please click here if you have not yet read this information.


"MPulse was the greatest thing I've done with my goal to be a better musician."

(Matthew, Saxophone 2011, MI)


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