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Admissions Requirements & Information

How to apply

There are two parts to complete to apply to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance (SMTD):

  1. Complete the Common Application.
    (Already a U-M student? Submit the online cross-campus transfer application instead.)
  2. Everyone must also create a DecisionDesk profile through which you'll demonstrate your artistic preparation.

Need-to-know Info

SMTD applicants typically apply for the Fall term, with limited openings in Winter term (January start). We do not accept applications to Spring or Summer terms.

The priority deadline for the School of Music, Theatre & Dance is December 1. Look ahead, though; each audition/interview date has a “must apply by” date associated with it and, for early auditions, these application deadlines may be earlier than December.

Apply early. Since audition/interview schedules fill quickly in most programs, requests that arrive late in November can be more difficult to accommodate. If invited to audition/interview, you will receive an email confirmation of your date.

Essays? Yes. Essays are a required part of our application process. The Common Application has a required essay—your choice from five different topics. U-M will also have two additional essays in the University of Michigan Member Questions.

Send all the required materials. Upload all the items you can with the Common Application or through your DecisionDesk profile. Send anything more to Double-check the Applications Materials Checklist for a list of all the requirements.

If you're running behind… The December 1 deadline is firm, but we may continue to accept applications after December 1 in some areas. Most programs will not accept applications after January 15 because of limitations in enrollment.

Waiting for a decision

How are things going? If you applied more than two weeks ago, you may check your status online.

Receive a decision. Admission to all undergraduate programs in the School requires both a successful academic review and completion of an audition, portfolio, and/or interview, depending upon program requirements. All application materials will be considered in the final decision.

International applicants Welcome to our global community!


Undergraduate Application Tips & Tricks (PDF, 1.3Mb)


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Grand Night

A Grand Night For Singing

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