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Somangshu Mukherji

Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Office: 2021 Moore

Sam Mukherji's research lies at the interface of traditional Western music theory, the analysis and performance of Rock and Nonwestern music, and the cognitive sciences ('Chomskyan' generative linguistics, in particular). Using ideas from the minimalist program in contemporary generative linguistics, and Schenkerian music theory, he has been exploring the possibility of a universal, generative grammar for music-akin to the one proposed for language within the generative tradition. His theorizing is strongly attached to the analysis of musical structure, too, particularly within the idioms of Western classical tonal music, North Indian classical music, and rock music. Trained in undergraduate psychology, philosophy, and physiology at the University of Oxford (where he was a Rhodes Scholar), and with an earlier degree in philosophy from St. Stephen's College in the University of Delhi, Mukherji recently completed a PhD in music theory from Princeton University, titled "Generative Musical Grammar: A Minimalist Approach."



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