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Stephen J. Rush

Professor of Performing Arts Technology
Office: 224 Stearns

Stephen Rush has had premieres in five continents and released many publications of his musical compositions. He has written five operas, 100's of works for dance, chamber and electronic works, concertos, and two symphonies, performed by the Detroit Symphony and the Warsaw National Symphony. He has a book on Jazz theology called Better Get It In Your Soul, with a new book in progress on Routledge with jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman. He has recordings on ESP Disk', Equilibrium, Deep Listening, Centaur, MMC, Summit, and CALA Records, with New York Philharmonic Musicians.


Rush is professor of Music at the University of Michigan, where he founded the Digital Music Ensemble, which he has directed for 25 years. With the ensemble he has worked with Pauline Oliveros and Robert Ashley, and premiered works by John Cage, Philip Glass, and La Monte Young. At the U-M he serves primarily the Performing Arts and Technology Department, but is deeply involved in four other departments (Dance, Composition, Jazz, and Music Theory), and three other Schools (Art, Engineering, and Architecture).


There are over 30 CDs of Rush's classical and jazz compositions released worldwide, and he has performed or recorded with Roscoe Mitchell, Henry Grimes, Eliiott Sharp, Steve Swell, Eugene Chadbourne, his jazz trio Naked Dance with Jeremy Edwards and Andrew Bishop, and the late Peter Kowald. He also tours and records with his electronic psychedelic improvisation band, Crystal Mooncone with Chris Peck and Jon Moniaci.


Rush is also deeply invested in "Installation Art", with current works in collaboration with Michael Gould, Henry Pollack (Nobel Prize-winning Physicist), Jim Cogswell (Visual Artist), Greg Tarlé (Cosmologist), and German Video Artist Marion Traenkle.  


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