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Bachelor of Music in Performance: Voice (Curriculum A)

The Bachelor of Music in Performance: Voice (Curriculum A) is designed for those who wish to prepare for a career on the concert stage, in church solo work, radio, television, and teaching. Singers desiring to teach in elementary or secondary schools should elect the curriculum in Choral Music Education or consider Curriculum B, which includes teacher certification.


  • Core Curriculum
  • Eight terms of private voice instruction and presentation of a recital
  • Participation in an ensemble each term in residence
  • Participation in two semesters of opera workshop and in one opera production
  • One year of conducting
  • Three terms of diction (French, German & Italian)
  • Thirty hours of non-music courses including one semester of dance, the University's two semester English writing requirement, one semester each of French, German, and Italian (language, not diction courses), and three semesters of theatre
  • Electives to complete a total of 124 hours

Minimum Repertory Requirements for Graduation

  • Six early Italian songs; four early English songs
  • Ten songs or arias of Bach, Haydn, and Mozart; fourteen German songs (including representation of Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, and Wolf)
  • Six French songs
  • Ten American songs
  • Ten miscellaneous songs or arias.

At least 25 of these must be completed to qualify for junior standing.

Information on Dual Degree Programs


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