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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Technology, Music Concentration (Curriculum B)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Technology: Music Technology Concentration (Curriculum B) is designed for students who possess demonstrated interest in music technology, electronic music composition and performance, or sound recording & production.

Pre-college Preparation

Experience in performance (both traditional and technologically enhanced), music theory, composition, mathematics, and computer programming. Some experience manipulating still and moving images using technology.


  • Twenty-two credit hours in Performing Arts Technology courses including:
    • Freshman Seminar in the Media Arts
    • Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
    • Introduction to Computer Music
    • Computer Music Programming and Arranging
    • Sound Recording and Production I and II
    • Digital Music Ensemble
    • Electronic Chamber Music
  • Five Performing Arts Technology electives selected from:
    • Technical Ear Training and Critical Listening
    • Contemporary Practices in Studio Production I and II
    • Image, Sound, and Story
    • Practicum in Music and Sound for Film
    • Performance Systems
    • Interactive Media Design I and II
    • Digital Sound Synthesis
    • Contemporary Practices in Research and Scholarship
    • Business of Music
  • Four terms of music theory including the study of the structure of primarily tonal music through ear-training and sight-singing, written work in construction and composition, and musical analysis
  • Six hours of musicology exploring European and American music history, as well as the sounds and concepts of many world music traditions
  • Two terms of elementary piano study
  • Two terms of elementary music composition study
  • Senior Thesis
  • Non-music courses including Math 105 or proficiency, the University’s two semester English writing requirement, one course in Screen Arts and Culture:¬†Aesthetics, two additional courses in Screen Arts and Culture, one course in Computer Programming, one course in Computer Aided Design, Modeling, or Animation, one course in Visual Arts & Culture, one course in Still Imagery & Technology, and a Dance elective
  • Electives to complete a total of 120 credit hours

Information on Dual Degree Programs

Performing Arts Technology Course Descriptions


PAT Overview: faculty members describe the program and the variety of skills students gain.

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