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Where can I find information for prospective students?

Try here for useful information and here for our degree programs. Interested in what our students, faculty, and alumni are up to? These pages for ethnomusicology and historical musicology might be of interest to you.

How do I contact the Musicology Department?

Try the Contact Us page. If you are looking for specific faculty members, you can find their campus information in the

University of Michigan online directory.

Where do I look to find events going on at the School of Music, Theater, and Dance?

Click here for the event calendar.

If you are interested in musicology lectures, click here.


Current Students

Where can I find a list of important dates and deadlines for current students?

Click here for the deadlines page.

If I would like a one-term candidacy fellowship, when should I take my exams?

Students holding GSI appointments and wishing to be considered by the department for a one-term candidacy fellowship must achieve candidacy in the term prior to the fellowship term. In such cases, the Rackham grace period (within the fellowship term) may not be used.

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