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The Louise E. Cuyler Prize in Musicology was endowed in 1987 by this late emerita professor and founding member of the department to honor an outstanding graduate student in musicology. It includes a cash scholarship award and may be given for outstanding achievement as demonstrated by an article in a scholarly journal or a presentation at an AMS, SEM, SAM, or other comparable national meeting; or, alternatively, for an outstanding completed doctoral dissertation. The Cuyler Prize was awarded for the first time in 1990.

The deadline for submitting papers to the department chair for the Cuyler Award is February 1.

List of Recipients


The Louise Cuyler Award Travel Fund
In 2007, the Office of Development authorized the Musicology Department to direct part of the annual revenues from the Louise Cuyler Endowment as a travel advance to assist with some expenses graduate students incur when they deliver papers at national conferences sponsored by scholarly societies. Endowment support is not available for service on panels, committees, or functions other than reading a formal paper eligible for the Louise Cuyler Prize. The definition of “national” is interpreted broadly, but unquestionably includes the annual meetings of the American Musicological Society, the Society for Ethnomusicology, and the Society for American Music. Please address questions concerning other conferences to the department chair, who will bring them to the department for consideration prior to application.

Along with an application form, please submit to the department chair the abstract submitted to the conference, together with a two-page elaboration of the paper topic; a copy of the letter or email accepting the paper; and a proposed budget, estimating as precisely as possible the costs of conference registration, travel, and lodging. The Award does not cover meals. The faculty will review application materials on a revolving basis at department meetings throughout the academic year. Preference will be given to applicants who also document requests for matching funds from other University sources. Please apply for funds after acceptance of the abstract but before the trip; please retain all receipts, which must be submitted within 3 weeks of travel (even in the summer).

Louise Cuyler Award Travel Fund Application Form


The Glenn McGeoch Memorial Scholarship in Musicology was endowed in 1989 by his family, former colleagues, and students to provide scholarship assistance to a graduate student in Musicology. It is given to an outstanding graduate student instructor of non-majors. No applications are required. The faculty will choose the scholarship winner at the end of each school year.

List of Recipients


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