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“Rhapsody in Blue stands as an icon of American music.  Its popularity largely results from the ingenuity of its melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements.  However, the reason the piece has circulated so widely is the fact that, almost since its 1924 premiere, it has existed in multiple arrangements: solo-piano and piano-duo as well as jazz-, theatre-, and symphony orchestra.  Critical editions of the Rhapsody in these different combinations will restore the multifaceted experience of the work.”

Ryan Bañagale
Assistant Professor Colorado College
Editorial Board Member, George and Ira Gershwin Critical Edition
Editor for Rhapsody in Blue

Below are listed the currently projected volumes of the George and Ira Gershwin Critical Edition.

Series One · Works for Orchestra

  • I/1 An American in Paris (1928)
  • I/2 Cuban Overture (1932)
  • I/3 Suite from Porgy and Bess (“Catfish Row,” 1935–36)

Series Two · Works for Piano and Band/Orchestra

  • II/1 Rhapsody in Blue for Piano and Jazz Band (orch. by Ferde Grofé, 1924)
  • II/2 Rhapsody in Blue for Piano and Orchestra (orch. by Ferde Grofé, 1926)
  • II/3 Concerto in F for Piano and Orchestra (1925)
  • II/4 Second Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra (1931)
  • II/5 “I Got Rhythm” — Variations for Piano and Orchestra (1934)

Series Three · Piano and Chamber Music

  • III/1 Lullaby for String Quartet (1919/20)
  • III/2 Preludes for Piano (1927), George Gershwin’s Song Book (1932), Various Piano Pieces

Series Four · Operas

  • IV/1 Blue Monday (orch. by Will Vodery, 1922)
  • IV/2 Porgy and Bess (1935)

Series Five · Stage Shows

  • V/1 Half Past Eight (1918)
  • V/2 La-La-Lucille! (1919)
  • V/3 Morris Gest’s Midnight Whirl (1919)
  • V/4 George White’s Scandals of 1920
  • V/5 A Dangerous Maid (1921)
  • V/6 George White’s Scandals of 1921
  • V/7 George White’s Scandals of 1922
  • V/8 Our Nell (“Hayseed” pre-Broadway title, 1922)
  • V/9 The Rainbow (1923)
  • V/10 George White’s Scandals of 1923
  • V/11 Sweet Little Devil (“A Perfect Lady” pre-Broadway title, 1924)
  • V/12 George White’s Scandals of 1924
  • V/13 Primrose (1924)
  • V/14 Lady, Be Good (1924)
  • V/15 Tell Me More (“My Fair Lady” pre-Broadway title, 1925)
  • V/16 Tip-Toes (1925)
  • V/17 Song of the Flame (1925)
  • V/18 Oh, Kay! (1926)
  • V/19 Strike Up the Band (First Version, 1927)
  • V/20 Funny Face (“Smarty” pre-Broadway title, 1927)
  • V/21 Rosalie (1928)
  • V/22 Treasure Girl (1928)
  • V/23 Show Girl (1929)
  • V/24 Strike Up the Band (Second Version, 1930)
  • V/25 Girl Crazy (1930)
  • V/26 Of Thee I Sing (1931)
  • V/27 Pardon my English (1933)
  • V/28 Let ’Em Eat Cake (1933)

Series Six · Songs

Series Seven · Film Music

Series Eight · The Notebooks

Series Nine · Posthumous Arrangements