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Hill Auditorium Specifications at a Glance

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Click on the photo to download a QuickTime VR movie for a 360-degree panoramic view of the interior of Hill Auditorium.


Venue Address:
825 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1276

Mailing Address:
University Productions
911 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1265

Seating Capacity:
· 3,530 maximum, including,
· Main Floor 1299 + 27W + 23C
· Mezzanine 953 + 8W + 6C
· Balcony 1214
· (W=Wheelchair, C=Companion)

Stage Specifications:
· Width of stage - 40' to 70'
· Depth of stage at center line - 29'
· Stage lift - 9'10" x 7'
· Stage floor - maple parquet w/light cherry stain
· Stage extension - 4'6" add'l stage depth

· Limited availability, check with house technicians for information

· House board - ETC Expression
· Full concert lighting designed to accommodate needs from soloists, piano and organ recitals, to large orchestra/choral ensembles.

Road Power:
· 110/208 3 phase
· Two 400 amp. disconnects located in basement, stage left and right.
· Two 200 amp. disconnects located basement stage right, one with separate ground common to house sound system.
· All disconnects are sequential cam locks.

· In-house system adequate for pre-show announcements, lectures, and small conferences.
· Clear-Com intercom to all production positions
· Audio monitor to all dressing rooms

Smoke and Haze:
· The use of theatrical smoke and haze is prohibited without prior approval of the University's Fire Marshall and special arrangements made to accommodate it.

Dressing Rooms:
· All dressing rooms have mirrors and dressing tables.
· One private dressing room, one dressing room for four persons, and one dressing room for 2 persons are located at stage level
· One ensemble room for 9 persons (can also be used for catering), one dressing room for 4 persons, and one warm-up room are located one flight above stage level
· One ensemble room for 9 persons is located two flights above stage level

· Two (2) Loading Doors - 8' x 10' one for short trucks, one angled from street for semis
· Loading Dock Elevator - 3'9" x 7' to basement only
· Two (2) Elevators located in main lobby; protective quilts are mandatory when moving equipment.

Information Systems:
· Wired - Ethernet 1000 Base-T, located in box office, House Tech booth and various locations throughout the building. Advance arrangements required for access.
· Wireless - U-M MWireless and MGuest are available in all backstage areas, the stage and the main auditorium floor.


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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower